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Invester is a unique platform where projects are presented in order to raise a funding. After paying the chosen amount, anyone can get a business share in a selected project and make a profit on its revenue. In addition, our services are accessible to everyone because the minimum purchase level starts at USD 50. You can conveniently monitor progress of the business and profits online.

John $ 300  Martin $ 3,200  David $ 550 

Mám prostředky
a chci je zhodnotit

  • Everyone can own a business share

  • Free of charge

  • Breakdown of projects by risk

  • Guarantee of A ++ rated projects

  • Podpora podnikání z neveřejných prostředků


I have a start-up or unique idea
and I would like to raise funds

  • A one time fee of 1-8% when the target amount is raised

  • Fast funding, project acceleration

  • Funding of start-ups and companies starting from 2500 USD

  • Financování již od 50.000 Kč

  • Odborné poradenství při přípravě i realizaci projektu

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